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kristina micotti

Turtles on roller skates, and spiders with custom sunglasses… I am soooo IN. This is a peek at “Pet Store”, the latest solo show by San Francisco based artist/illustrator Kristina Micotti that is currently exhibited at Recess {until May 30} in San Francisco.

“This new ‘Pet Store’ series is the artist’s way of finally owning all the animals she ever wanted as a child, inspired by those many trips to the pet stores with her mother and the disappointingly inanimate care guides and toy sets she amassed instead. Drawing on imaginative childlike whimsy and nostalgic “90s kid” aesthetics, Micotti has recreated these childhood experiences in the form of a fun, bright pet store containing a variety of animals – again, each with their own miniature accessories – all waiting for their new owners to take them home. She is offering both herself and her audience the chance to realize the unfulfilled childhood dreams of pet ownership that we have all similarly suffered. Her fanciful new ‘Pet Store’ collection allows us all the freedom to “adopt” the pet of our wildest (albeit suburban) fantasies – without a mother’s voice of reason to restrict us.”

YES! I want a pink bunny wearing cowboy boots… and you can’t stop me, Mom!


I think this requires a well placed *GASP!*, don’t you? A glass geode encrusted work of art, that also happens to be a department store in Gwanggyo, just outside of Seoul. This building is the work of OMA, an architecture firm with offices all over the world – from Rotterdam and New York, to Dubai and Australia. Here are their words about this project:

The Gwanggyo store is the sixth branch of “Galleria”, Korea’s largest upscale department store franchise founded in the 1970s. Sculpted as a stone volume with a textured mosaic stone façade, the building evokes the nature of its neighbouring Suwon Gwanggyo Lake Park. A public route is excavated from the stone volume and connects the public side walk to a roof garden—to include both retail and cultural activities. It introduces an innovative element to the traditional typology of a department store.

The public route has a multifaceted glass façade that contrasts with the opacity of the stone. Through the glass, retail and cultural activities inside are revealed to the city’s passers-by, while visitors in the interior acquire new vantage points to experience Gwanggyo. Formed with a sequence of cascading terraces, the public loop offers spaces for exhibitions and performances.”

Ok, now I want to live in a glass geode encrusted house. Happy Friday.

{via Design Milk}

carolina delgado-duruflé

Glass, handmade and slip cast porcelain, antiques, plants and – in some cases – water? Yes, that definitely qualifies as ‘mixed media’. This is the wonderfully weird work of Toronto based, Colombian artist Carolina Delgado-Duruflé. Some of her work was recently part of a group show, titled Grow Op, at the Gladstone in Toronto, and this is an excerpt of an interview Carolina did with them. They asked, “What is the message you wish for viewers to take away from your project?” and this was her beautiful answer:

“We live in a world where people treat nature like we are kings. We destroy everything, we cut trees in the Amazon, the lungs of our planet, we open new mines all the time. People need to stop and observe nature. I want them to stop and look at small things. I want them to stop in front of my characters and to see green, to see plants, and to realize that they are alive. I want them to realize that if we continue changing the climate like this, we will destroy everything. There is still time to act and we must act now.”

Amen. Happy Friday.

“microwave cooking for one”

Mmmm, donuts and hugs… I’ll take a dozen of each, please. Today’s episode is really just me chatting with my amazing, funny, smart talented friend, Philadelphia based artist Martha Rich. We used to talk on Skype all the time when we were working on “Your Inner Critic Is A Big Jerk”, so I honestly kinda forgot we were recording… sooooo for those of you who tell me you like the episodes that make you feel like you’re eavesdropping on two artists talking in a café – pour yourself a coffee, hug a chocolate donut, close your eyes, and pretend you’re out at your favorite coffee shop listening in. You can listen right up there under that sprinkle-covered goodness, or subscribe right here.

First, an example of the pointy petal, cut paper pieces Martha’s been working on lately:

Loooooove. Also, the title of that piece? Yep, I LOVE that too. Plan accordingly, people.

Oooh, and here are a few grabs from her illustration job in New York Times Magazine:

She’s so good. And to all of you Americans out there, what does Martha want you to do? …

Yep. Ask your senators to make sure the November 2020 election happens!

And, I had to include this:

Hahaha! Yep, Martha and her voiceless cat, Mack, in her glass doorway. The two B&W photos are from a new series that her friend, photographer Andrea Cipriani Mecch, is doing in Philadelphia right now titled #FamilyAtADistance. The first one is Martha’s official photo, the second is clearly the most perfect outtake ever! AND, look, she’s really doing it… the paper installation on her door is underway {hm, I really should get my box of clay out at some point.} Thanks so much to Martha for hanging out with us for an hour, and thanks to you for listening! There will be more ART FOR YOUR EAR next weekend.

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erica green

Oooh, don’t you want to touch alllllll of these pieces? This is the textile/fiber installation work of Colorado based artist Erica Green. I have to share her description for the first installation shown above, titled The Embers {2019}, because it’s almost as poetic as the work itself:

“When creating an installation, I begin with the architecture of the space. What struck me about the Gallery of Contemporary Art in Colorado Springs was the reflective glass doors and the ink black tile floor that ring the center chandelier space. I quickly sensed how these features could hold “The Embers.” The mended white fibers cascade from the ceiling and surround the thick, dark strips of felt that have stacked up on the tile floor. If you look closely, I believe you can see the fibers glow as they reflect off the surrounding surfaces. In some sense, they are both falling and floating.”

{found via Pennylane Shen’s Instagram; Photographs by : 1st installation by Stellar Propeller Studio  / 2nd installation by Draper White}

adam parker smith

I wonder if resin, steel, fiberglass, and urethane floats? I’m going with, ‘no’. These light but not light at all sculptures are the work of Brooklyn based artist Adam Parker Smith… and I LOVE THEM ALL! I want to touch one. But I won’t. Happy Friday.

{Found via The Hole NYC. These photographs are from his show there last fall.}

liza lou

Whoa. I just wrote about American artist Liza Lou a few months ago, but then this! Her installation, titled Kitchen (1991- 1996), is now on display at The Whitney in New York. Beads. So, so, so many tiny glass beads… more than 30 million if you happen to be counting!? No wonder this project took her from 1991 until 1996. I’m going to New York in March and, yes, this will be my first stop {did you see the chips!? LOVE}. Kitchen is part of an exhibit titled, Making Knowing: Craft in Art, 1950–2019, which runs until January 2021. GO!

“storytime with esther pearl watson”

Yes, that’s THE Esther Pearl Watson – and her trusty sidekick, Gherkin – out in the middle of the California desert. Esther is a Los Angeles based artist and she also teachers at ArtCenter in Pasadena. I like to think of her as a modern day Grandma Moses… if Grandma Moses painted narrative scenes of a slightly dysfunctional childhood in rural Texas. I loved Esther’s “memory paintings” years before I ever met her… let’s face it, she had me at “pink UFO”. So, Esther once told me that she reads strange stories from art history to her students while they’re painting, so I asked her to bring those stories over here! Yes, it’s officially “Storytime with Esther Pearl Watson”… psst… there are a lot of stories that involve pee, so consider yourself warned! You can listen right up there under Esther and Gherky, or subscribe on iTunes.

First up, a few of Esther’s paintings, complete with titles that definitely tell a story:

I love everything Esther does, and how she does it – finding humor in some not funny situations. So vulnerable, and so empowering.

So, let’s have a look at Grandma Moses. She painted “the good old days”, unlike Esther’s “dysfunctional days”:

See, all she needs is a UFO in the sky, and BAM, she and Esther could be art twins.

Alright, onto Esther’s stories! First up, tyrian purple:

Liz gets it. Purple from head-to-toe in every scene as Cleopatra. Ah, soooo many snails, so much pee. If you haven’t listened to the episode yet, that should make you curious!

Next up, van Gogh’s vibrant, and kinda random, color choices … thanks to Julien, the paint salesman:

Ta-dah, the white roses that started out as pink roses! Oh Julien, make sure your products stand up over time, dude.

And of course, Paul Cezanne‘s “grotesque” bathers, butt cracks and all:

Apparently he didn’t work from models, but I wonder if he just needed some good glasses. Ah, we’ll never know.

And finally, I had to include this awesome photo of Esther WAY above the Los Angeles skyline. I assume she’s waiting for the mothership to beam her up:

And that’s that. Now, at the end of the episode, I said I wouldn’t be back until January, but I think I’ll pop in with a bonus mid-holiday episode between Christmas and New Year’s Eve… just in case your family is driving you crazy and you need a little escape to the studio! Thanks so much to Esther for digging up these amazing stories for us, thanks to THRIVE for supporting yet another episode, and huge thanks to you for listening! ~ Danielle

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“ask martha”

Ahhh, one of my very first art crushes… Philadelphia based artist, illustrator and teacher Martha Rich! Today’s we’re diving into, “Ask Martha – it’s like Dear Abby but not at all like Dear Abby.” Basically I invented this segment because I looooove asking Martha questions. Her answers are usually hilarious, she’s super smart, AND she has a really inspiring attitude when it comes to life. You’ll see what I mean when I ask her the questions that you guys sent in. Yep, I asked my Instagram crowd to send in some questions, and you did! I picked 5 or 6 of them – some serious, some silly and then I followed the whole thing up with a bunch of really dumb trivia questions, because listening to Martha answer trivia is hilarious. You’re welcome. You can listen right up there under “log head” (aka the photo I took of Martha while our show was being installed in Joshua Tree a few weeks ago), or subscribe on iTunes. ps. My intro is all about creating your own visual vocabulary!

First up, a couple of quick snap shots from the opening of “Crush It”, a group show at Hey There Projects in Joshua Tree featuring Martha, Bruce Lee (far right), and me! ps. The show is up until December 13, 2019:

“Double doink”. Yeah, I’m not sure what’s happening here, but it made me laugh so I threw it in! That’s me and Martha with Aaron Smith (left) and Mark Todd (right), the founders of Hey There, both of whom are fabulous artists and teachers at ArtCenter in Pasadena. Hm, maybe the “double doink” is for all the name dropping I just did! Ok, moving on…

Here’s just a little taste of the work Martha’s being doing lately, and yes, I love it all:

Donna Did It. Hahahaha! Oooh, and all of that pink FURY up there is a perfect lead into this:

YES! Martha’s new book, “The Furious Notebook”, perfect for “releasing your rage” and “chilling the heck out”. I held this furious little beauty in my hands when we were together last week, and not only is it filled with Martha Rich fantastic-ness, it’s also very helpful in the current political climate. Blarg. Anyway, let’s not dwell on that. Here’s a peek at the mural Martha is finishing up on Monday at the airport in Philadelphia:

Um, hello “selfie-opportunity” while waiting for your flight! I like the blue guy and his yellow beard. I hope he finds his missing dipping sauce. ??? (This is why I love her).

Now, I’m sure you were interested in this part of our conversation. BlueQ and Martha have been working together for a few years now, turning her artwork into bags, coin purses, socks, oven mitts, and PASSIVE INCOME:

So. Good. ps. I buy that “Random Crap” bag for people all the time. Hilarious, because it’s true.

Next, this is the fabulous artist Martha named as one of her faves, and the woman she’d love to have paint her portrait. California based artist Georganne Deen:

Oh my word, love love love! Okay, well now I need to see what “Martha Rich by Georganne Deen” would look like.

And finally, because she brought up the pineapple glasses, I have a perfect excuse to pop this beauty into the post as the final image:

Luv ya, mean it. Seriously, I’m so glad my art crush from eleven years ago turned into a really wonderful friendship with an incredible woman. Thanks so much to Martha for answering all of my questions – even the dumb trivia about cow graffiti in Texas; Thanks to THRIVE for being such a fantastic partner; and of course, thank YOU for listening. There will not actually be a new art for your ear next weekend. Saturday November 30th marks the one year anniversary of losing my dad, and I’ve decided to give myself the weekend to just be still. I’ll be back the following weekend though with Esther Pearl Watson, and she’s bringing a whole bunch of weird ‘n wonderful stories from art history. See you then ~ Danielle

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montserrat duran muntadas

Gasp! This is the incredibly beautiful, deeply personal work of Catalan-born Montreal-based artist Montserrat Duran Muntadas. She uses delicate blown glass and boldly patterned fabrics to tell her story:

It all started with change; an inner transformation. At the age of 13, the artist was diagnosed with a uterine malformation that endangered her fertility, as well as her potential  of living as a normal woman. But what is a ”normal” woman these days?  That is the underlying question that the artist ponders with this work, in an era where illness or anomaly is a shared condition, through its infinite trajectories, that can  represent normalcy.

To accept and describe the anomaly, to show its beauty, to create from the inability of procreating, that was the challenge encountered while assembling the blown glass pieces of this intimate yet public installation.  The outcome resulted with deformed pieces that seem ornamental, where the inner space notions and the visceral art became literal.

The pieces presented are themselves a sign of an artistic change, uniting glass and padded textile, which by  their play with transparency and textures, reciprocally transform themselves.

So vulnerable, and incredibly powerful.  ps. I’ve included a few photos so you can understand the scale of Monterrat’s work: