i’m jealous of shawn lovell


Is this art or furniture?

The bottom line is that when I saw this I suddenly wished I had paid way more attention in grade 9 metal work. Obviously California based sculptor Shawn Lovell showed up for class. A few years, and an art degree from CCAC later, she ended up creating this dreamy piece of art that you can sleep on.

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  1. Ash /// 12.30.2012 /// 7:43pm

    Here’s the bed!

  2. Kaye /// 01.05.2013 /// 5:46pm

    I love this I want to know how to reach the artist

  3. the jealous curator /// 01.05.2013 /// 5:47pm

    here you go :


  4. tracie /// 04.20.2013 /// 7:40am

    tree bed

  5. Amy Wax /// 09.04.2013 /// 5:39am

    I love this bed and think the idea, and the execution could not be better! Beautifully done.

  6. Heidi /// 07.16.2014 /// 1:34pm

    I don’t suppose that bed frame is for sale somewhere? And if so, would it come in the twin bed size? Thanks. It stopped me in my tracks.