i’m jealous of melanie bilenker

Brooches, rings and pendants that capture quiet, domestic moments delicately illustrated using human hair. Wait… what?! Yep, jewelry designer/artist Melanie Bilenker has actually used her own hair to create this these lovely pieces. Thankfully she has a section on her website to explain exactly how she does this {because I could not figure it out on my own}:

“The Victorians kept lockets of hair and miniature portraits painted with ground hair and pigment to secure the memory of a lost love. In much the same way, I secure my memories through photographic images rendered in lines of my own hair, the physical remnants.”

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  1. Tania @ Passport2Design /// 12.01.2010 /// 7:00am

    I love the line work in these drawings. They are beautiful! I can’t even believe they are made from human hair, it’s so bizarre.

    *Tania @ Passport2Design.com

  2. the jealous curator /// 12.01.2010 /// 7:27am

    i know – they’re so well done! i loved them even before I found out the hair part… that was just icing on the cake! ; )

  3. STACEY LEE WEBBER /// 04.21.2011 /// 4:16pm

    I’d love your feedback on my work! Your blog is always informative and brings great new artists to the blogger world!
    Thanks for checking out my site,

    Into my heart’s treasury
    I slipped a coin
    That time cannot take
    Nor a thief purloin, –
    Oh better than the minting
    Of a gold-crowned king
    Is the safe-kept memory
    Of a lovely thing.

    -Sarah Teasdale (1884-1933)

    Stacey Lee Webber is a Philadelphia based artist who finds unique ways to recontextualize objects from blue collar neighborhoods. Webber’s sculptures embody a refined aesthetic and challenge the conventional possibilities of everyday materials. Through her investigations, Webber’ celebrates working class families which make up the heart of American culture.

  4. the jealous curator /// 04.21.2011 /// 7:56pm

    very cool stacey! thanks for the link : )