i’m jealous of angela rossi

Oh yes! I would happily serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert on any of these weird little miss-matched animal portrait plates by LA based artist Angela Rossi. Don’t worry… I won’t serve venison.

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  1. harem6 /// 01.16.2011 /// 2:42pm

    Love your blog! So happy we found your fascinating world!
    Have a great 2011!

  2. the jealous curator /// 01.16.2011 /// 4:52pm

    thank you so much! happy 2011 to you too : )

  3. Jutta /// 01.17.2011 /// 9:37am

    Awww… They are both cute and… oddly disturbing. I would love a collection, except maybe not the ones with cats for I’m afraid our dogs would disapprove.

  4. Kristy /// 01.19.2011 /// 2:33pm

    Your blog and these plates are altering my life as I know it, all for the good. Thank you for being born! I’m a little jealous of you!

  5. susan mac /// 01.28.2011 /// 8:28pm

    OH I love that! Who wouldn’t want to eat cake off a magic mushroom plate starring 70’s billybob bear cub??

  6. the jealous curator /// 01.28.2011 /// 10:41pm

    exactly my thought susan! ; )

  7. Patrick /// 02.11.2011 /// 8:50am

    these are fantastic ! totally made my day

  8. Pam Collins /// 08.08.2014 /// 5:47pm

    I am very interested in the plats with the anthropomorphic animals. Do you have any left?