i’m jealous of kirstin lamb

I would love to spend the afternoon with American artist Kirstin Lamb so we could talk beauty queens, pastries, and raw meat. Apparently she “became obsessed with classical still life and notions of stacking and heaping during her final year of graduate study in Painting at the Rhode Island School of Design in 2005.” But I want to know why she’s stacking the things she’s stacking! Yep, I have a lot of questions about these beautifully bizarre gouache drawings. First question… where can I get one?! Oh, and look at that, the answer is right down there:

{I found Kirstin’s work [for sale!] on the always amazing Little Paper Planes.}

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  1. Bobby /// 09.02.2011 /// 7:05am

    Heh, very cool. Bizarre elements, but somehow they all work!