i’m still jealous of alexandra hedberg

Now, that’s my kind of princess! POW!

I wrote about Swedish artist Alexandra Hedberg almost two years ago. In that post, I was jealous of some of her gorgeous, washy watercolor/acrylic paintings… but look what I just found!!! A series of hand-colored screen prints titled {quite appropriately}, Colouring. My favorite images in this series feature Snow White, behaving in very unprincess-like ways! Love ♥

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  1. Sara /// 01.24.2012 /// 1:22pm

    I love Alexandra Hedberg’s work! It’s funny, creepy and bizarre. She is a brilliant and inspiring artist. ~ Sara

  2. the jealous curator /// 01.24.2012 /// 1:23pm

    that she is! i love this series!!!

  3. theGW /// 01.24.2012 /// 2:57pm

    Absolutely LOVE these!

  4. ken /// 01.24.2012 /// 3:05pm

    I am jealous, too.

  5. Ana Gonzalez /// 02.11.2012 /// 1:43am

    I’m also jealous. I really love your work. This series is great and I would have liked to have been created by me :)

  6. the jealous curator /// 02.11.2012 /// 8:41am

    ha! i know the feeling ; )

  7. アークテリクス ミウラ /// 10.30.2014 /// 10:33pm

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