i’m jealous of amy sullivan

Hm, Alice in Wonderland yesterday, and Little Red Riding Hood today… apparently, I’m working in as many bizarre children’s stories as I possibly can this week. Colorado based artist/illustrator Amy Sullivan has totally hooked me/creeped me out with her lovely/creepy fairy tale series. Poor little Red… eaten alive. So sad. But wait, I know what will cheer you up… sasquatches, rainbows, and a big stack of Eames chairs:

♥ Yep… I feel better. You?

ps. I just started a new series on sfgirlbybay today! It’s called “Art Goes Here” {a little virtual art hanging for your Wednesday morning!}

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  1. tiffanie /// 02.08.2012 /// 9:10am

    The Red Riding Hood series is wonderful. I love the differences in scale, it made me look twice, or three times!

    And the Sasquatch/chair piece is such a non sequitur. Makes me wonder why I don’t let my brain work that way.

    I’m jealous, too.

  2. Hagar /// 02.08.2012 /// 10:56am

    love love love this both artist- weirs, funny, creepy, graphic – wonderful!

    Great wall hanging at sfgirlbybay…:-)

  3. the jealous curator /// 02.08.2012 /// 1:01pm

    thanks – it was fun! can’t wait til the next one (every 2 weeks!)

  4. Hagar /// 02.08.2012 /// 1:31pm

    I had my little helper next to me (87 cm of pure happiness…;-)…:
    “love love love this work: weird, funny, creepy, graphical – wonderful!

    Great wall hanging at sfgirlbybay…:-)”

  5. the jealous curator /// 02.08.2012 /// 1:38pm

    ha! i wondered about that 😉

  6. Patrice A. /// 02.10.2012 /// 4:38am

    I am jealous too
    great, great work
    I like the creepy part
    reminds me a bit of a friend of mine
    Vanessa Jane Phaff, also an artist with a creepy twist

  7. jackie /// 09.13.2012 /// 8:59am

    i LOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE your blog! Found you through interest! Lucky me + thanks for sharing!