i’m still insanely jealous of wes anderson

Sigh. Oh Wes, you’re a creative genius with insane attention to detail… and that is why I love you.

In Wes Anderson’s latest film, Moonrise Kingdom, one of the main characters {Suzy}, loves books… and stole a half a dozen of them from the library. Of course, what Wes Anderson film would be complete without every single little thing being designed/thought about… so yes, here are the covers of Suzy’s books that he commissioned six illustrators to design {Oh, and if the cover designs weren’t enough, he also created a short film and animations to go along with each of them. Swoon!}

That last screengrab is my favorite one in the bunch! ♥

{There is a really good article, here, that gives a bunch of background on this part of Moonrise Kingdom.}

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  1. Jessica /// 06.18.2012 /// 7:07am

    I wish these were real books – I’d read them in an instant! I’m swooning over here too 🙂

  2. Mary /// 06.18.2012 /// 8:07am

    This is too awesome for words. Gah.

  3. the jealous curator /// 06.18.2012 /// 10:24am

    “gah” is the perfect word actually! ; )

  4. tijana /// 06.18.2012 /// 10:40am

    i adore wes anderson’s attention to detail and creativity!!!! can’t wait to see this film… and now i too wish these books were real!!!

  5. Sandra /// 06.18.2012 /// 12:57pm

    Yes, his attention to detail is exceptional. I adore any filmmaker who takes the time to really make something special for his/her viewers. Someone who is so passionate about what they are doing that every little tiny detail is a decision actively made.


  6. the jealous curator /// 06.18.2012 /// 10:57pm

    absolutely! his work is so inspiring.

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  8. Ciara /// 06.24.2012 /// 2:24am

    Wes Anderson is such a genius. Love his work so much, and his attention to detail is what makes it so special. Thanks for posting this!