i’m jealous of robert lansden

Oh my. Drawings. Crazy beautiful, meticulous drawings by New Orleans artist Robert Lansden. I didn’t know that a person could do this with graphite, ballpoint pen, and/or gouache… I thought that’s what Spirograph™ was for! {Am I aging myself with that reference? Probably.} Not only are his tiny little perfect lines beautiful, his colors & compositions are stunning. I thought I had my post when I found all of these mesmerizing circles… and then I stumbled onto these:

Drawings, people. Drawings.

{I found Robert when I sent out Facebook/Twitter posts saying that I had no one to be jealous of. Well, thanks to Erik Barthels, now I’m jealous of Robert… and to the other 82 [!!!] of you that sent in suggestions, THANK YOU! I’ll be thinking ‘damn, I wish I thought of that’ for the next two months!}

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  1. Ofelia@myintendedlife.blogspot.com /// 06.17.2013 /// 9:29am

    This is amazing and so time consuming!
    Art like this one is why I hated when parent would tell my daughter’s friends to stay within the lines when the did drawings or painting activities.
    We each defines our lines…

  2. Susan /// 06.17.2013 /// 10:32am

    I love the drapery pieces; they are jaw-dropping!

  3. Tracey /// 06.17.2013 /// 2:23pm

    I was thinking about my long lost Spirograph before I read your reference !
    (I need to check ebay).
    Those draperies are unreal.

  4. Marine /// 06.17.2013 /// 7:01pm

    Incredible work! Thanks for sharing!
    (miss my spirograh too!)

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