i’m jealous of diane meyer

Embroidery and photographs… yep, my favorite art recipe! This series is titled Berlin, and is the work of American artist Diane Meyer – it shows the former path of the Berlin Wall. Oh, if only that wall had actually been made of soft, colorful thread:

“This aspect of the sewing emphasizes the unnatural boundaries created by the wall itself. The sewing, which is soft, provides a literal contrast to the concrete of the wall and a metaphorical contrast to its symbolism.” ~ Diane Meyer

Lovely. But, we can’t stop there. I wasn’t quite finished snooping around in her portfolio, and look what I found from another series, titled Time Spent That Might Otherwise Be Forgotten:

Ahh… so much nostalgia! You can never go wrong with a bunch of cross-stitching, some Christmas sweaters, and a little old school Donald Duck. Love, love, LOVE!

{via The Design Ark}

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  1. Meredith Adams [Brilliant Light Photography] /// 10.09.2013 /// 8:03am

    wow, I like this a lot! Super unique.

  2. marika /// 10.09.2013 /// 1:49pm

    I am jealous too, fab find!

  3. Creature of Planet E. /// 10.10.2013 /// 11:13am

    I’m not. Look at the amount of love (and effort) she poured into her work. Awesome!

  4. Kelsey Lynore /// 10.12.2013 /// 6:53pm

    I love all the embroidery work that’s coming out now. Have you seen the work of Ana Teresa Barboza? It’s similar to Meyer in the use of embroidery, but she mainly works on the female body, does tapestry as well, and uses transfers. It’s amazing! Her blog is here: http://anateresabarboza.blogspot.com/, although be sure to check her older pages, as 2 and 3 have some of the work I’m thinking of. She’s like Diane Meyer meets Kiki Smith or something. I’m in love with her.

  5. the jealous curator /// 10.13.2013 /// 1:18pm

    wow! fantastic work – thanks so much for the link kelsey! : )

  6. vortrus | Pixelated Embroidery by Diane Meyer /// 11.22.2013 /// 1:50pm

    [...] II [via Design Crush and The Jealous Curator] ::design milk require(["jquery", "essenza/Cover"],function($){ $(document).ready(function(){ [...]

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  9. Esther /// 07.20.2014 /// 11:37am

    I enjoyed Diane Meyer’s Work very much:) I do embroidery. I appreciate this talented young lady: