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Hey! Today is 11.12.13… and speaking of important dates… I don’t know about you, but I reallllllly want to remember when “ice cream for breakfast day” is… and now I can thanks to this hilarious, chalkboard-esque, hand-lettered calendar! The “Calendar of Silly Holidays” is brought to you by Brooklyn based art/design studio Dirty Bandits, which was founded by artist/designer Annica Lydenberg. So, if you’re doing any early holiday shopping you might want to throw one of these bad boys {it’s only $12!!} in your cart… especially if you know someone who still owns a fanny-pack {Ok Australians, stop giggling…. that’s something else in this hemisphere!}

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  1. Najwa Abdullah /// 12.11.2013 /// 12:43am

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  2. the jealous curator /// 12.11.2013 /// 9:19am

    hi there… if you’d like to get in touch with annica, you can email her here: