autumn de wilde

Gasp! How gorgeous is this outdoor installation by photographer Autumn de Wilde?! It’s titled Lighting, Layers and Reflections, and from what I can tell she built it/shot it for a Chrysler Escalade ad. Well, whatever it was for, I just can’t get over how gorgeous these little, colorful, mirrored houses are! Oh, I sure hope they left them there after the shoot was over… can you imagine road-tripping past these beauties just as the morning sun is coming up?

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  1. Yana / NoMad Luxuries /// 01.31.2014 /// 7:56am

    Just lovely- how something so simple and abstract can be so beautiful. Thanks for sharing the inspiration!

  2. the jealous curator /// 01.31.2014 /// 8:06am

    isn’t it gorgeous? that landscape reflected in the mirrors, those colors, the simplicity… perfection!

  3. martina /// 01.31.2014 /// 10:17am

    oh my god, this is so beautiful! I was just scrolling my facebook down and when I saw this, I had to go right back and have a proper stare! It is so beautiful, I already hear the crickets in the colorful shadows!

  4. Jessica /// 01.31.2014 /// 10:33am

    I am seriously in love with this idea. Absolutely GORGEOUS!!! xo

  5. Barbara /// 01.31.2014 /// 11:38am

    Love these! If they were removed from that site and are looking for a home, they would be gorgeous at The De Cordova Museum and Sculpture Park in Lincoln, MA!

  6. Kathy W /// 01.31.2014 /// 5:04pm

    Oh! When I saw that first one I thought it was a collage of photos rather than a reflection. Wow!

  7. Mary Gaspar /// 02.01.2014 /// 7:13am

    This made my heart skip a beat-true love!

  8. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 02.01.2014 /// 8:17am

    me too! just so stunning… wishing i had them in my backyard! : )

  9. Micheline Ryckman /// 02.02.2014 /// 7:42am

    These are amazing!!! Wow!

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  13. Aurianne /// 03.02.2014 /// 2:27am

    This is simply stunning. Everything about them is beautiful. Such rigid man made shapes in a natural environment of rolling hills and dry grass. It’s just brilliant.

  14. Roya /// 03.03.2014 /// 10:28am

    It’s curious how these photographs look painfully similar to Tierney Gearon’s Colorshape series.

  15. Elena de Hados /// 03.28.2014 /// 8:41am

    Fascinante!!!la transparencia, el color y su limpieza en contraste con la hierba seca me ha dejado sorprendida. :)

  16. Sara /// 07.14.2014 /// 3:04pm

    Wow!! Really great stuff. Beautiful and very surreal feeling. Reminds me of artist Phillip K. Smith’s desert installation “Lucid Stead”