marcela cárdenas

When I read the materials list, and it said “drawing on glass and skin”, it was pretty safe to say that I had my next post! All of these gorgeous, furry, geometric mixed media pieces are from a series titled “Transitional” by Colombian artist Marcela Cárdenas. Here is her description of this work:

“Transitional” arises from the intention of hybridizing two opposing natural kingdoms as animal and mineral. I am interested in the contrast between the geometry suggested by the crystallographic feature organic shapes and animal skin that is a drawing motion itself. The term “Transitional” is rooted in psychology and refers to objects in infancy act as bridge between your inner world and the cultural experience. The contained animal fur, trapped in the glass refers to how man prevails and controls surrounding nature.

Gah! I love them all! But there’s so much more in her portfolio that is completely different, yet still totally amazing. Case in point:

Ok, there’s still fur involved, but this fur is gouache… many, many, many, little delicate strokes of gouache. Oh, foxes and dots {the black dots are actually perforations in the board}sigh. So much love.

{Thanks to Valentina for sending me a link to Marcela’s site}

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  2. laura redburn /// 02.25.2014 /// 9:01am

    oh my goodness, loving all of this!

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  4. Danielle Campbell /// 03.02.2014 /// 12:32am

    Oh my stars she has beautifully captured the subtle movement of the fox’s fur, so lovely.