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Sweet, and weird… yep, easily one of my favorite combinations! These are one of a kind, paper mache “creature” masks by London based artist Abigail Brown. Each one is so special, and funny, and cute, and yes, kinda weird. I love each of them, but hung together in a cluster? Oh boy… it’s like a beautifully bizarre zoo hanging on the wall! LOVE. ps. that happy little sloth is killing me with his cuteness. [Available in her shop]

{via art is a way}

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  1. madison /// 08.25.2014 /// 7:52am

    These are sooo dang cute, especially that sloth and fox. :) thanks for sharing. going to order me one…or a gaggle.

  2. the jealous curator /// 08.25.2014 /// 8:20am

    yes! a gaggle! i want a little zoo on my wall too!

  3. claire /// 08.26.2014 /// 1:50am

    Love, love Abigail’s work. I hadn’t seen her papier mache animals, so cute!

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  5. dennis shaffner /// 08.27.2014 /// 4:44am

    as refreshingly beautiful and simple as a collection of paper kites to grace an empty wall…

  6. Abbie /// 09.04.2014 /// 12:41pm

    I love these SO much (especially the black bear)!

  7. katy /// 09.08.2014 /// 3:33pm

    Love these!! so many of my favorite creatures!!

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  10. debbie /// 09.14.2014 /// 2:16am


  11. Robin + Rose Design /// 10.19.2014 /// 8:25pm

    Totally agree on the adorableness of the happy little sloth.

  12. Sandi /// 11.07.2014 /// 3:36pm

    You are Amazing. Thank You for sharing.

  13. Elysabeth /// 11.28.2014 /// 11:41pm

    J’aime plusque beaucoup cette collection de masques.
    C’est frais et habité.Bravo

  14. Patti Eigenberg /// 12.30.2014 /// 7:34am

    Dear Ms. Brown
    I just needed to tell you how much I love your very creative paper mache masks! Weird? I think NOT!
    They’re absolutely beautiful! They’re whimsicaly adorable and life like! You’re a true artist with a wonderful talent! All of them made me smile…thank you! Patti

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