airco caravan

Oh, cool… paintings of vintage motel rooms. Or, orange bedspread clad spaces where grisly deaths occurred. Yep, this series by Amsterdam/New York based artist Airco Caravan, is titled “Crime Scene” – each piece titled for the incident {overdoses, murders, and other creepy situations} that took place in these oh, so 1970s-esque motels… it’s not only the carpet and wallpaper that’s making me shudder.

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  1. fer scarlato /// 10.14.2014 /// 4:48pm

    Who would’ve thought that murder scenes could look that lively.

  2. julie @ tractorgirl /// 10.14.2014 /// 8:00pm

    hmmm…. I think we’ve all seen motel rooms JUST like that. I think that makes them even more terrifying

  3. Bas Groot /// 10.14.2014 /// 10:43pm

    From now on in each motel, I will remember who were in this clean motel bed before me. Could be 1000s. You just dont (wanna) know. You can’t tell, through the crispy clean sheets; what is that almost undetectable whiff of funny smell is that seeped into the mattress a while ago.