laura jones


Huge flowers! Vibrant table cloths! Weird spiky things! This is the gorgeous work of Sydney based painter Laura Jones. All of these pieces are from her latest series, titled “Punch” … quite appropriate, yes? Love, love, love.

{Thanks to Cayce Zavaglia, another insanely talented artist, for pointing me to Laura’s work. Given my post on Monday, she thought I might like Laura’s work. She was soooo right.}

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  1. Jessica /// 04.24.2015 /// 7:48am

    Ahhh! I love the colours! So beautiful.

  2. Rachaeldaisy /// 04.24.2015 /// 3:12pm

    I agree – Love Love Love!!

  3. aprilneverends /// 04.26.2015 /// 8:34am

    Just wonderful. So happy I just found your blog!!

  4. Bunny /// 04.26.2015 /// 3:38pm

    I think the spikey thing is a durian. Or the husk of a durian. Prefer the dry husk and/or image of the fruit to the actual fruit.
    I have really enjoyed the modern florals.

  5. laura redburn /// 05.01.2015 /// 11:34am

    ohhh these are lovely, but i especially like that first one!

  6. LaWanda Walters /// 04.12.2017 /// 2:00pm

    Love these! Thank you!

    LaWanda Walters