calvin ross carl


Acrylic, Enamel, Primed Canvas… and a words that “read as provocations, ambiguous slogans, and as disillusioned statements”.  This is the work of Portland based artist Calvin Ross Carl… and I want to touch one. I won’t. But I want to.

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  1. Cecile /// 02.02.2016 /// 10:54am

    Funny, my first thought before I read your description of these was “I want to follow those ridges with my finger”!

  2. Carla /// 02.02.2016 /// 11:23am

    My first thought was: icing on cake! This would be a perfect cake for Art’s Birthday!

  3. Jenn Woodward /// 02.02.2016 /// 4:05pm

    Love his work and his gallery! If you find yourself in Portland you should check it out-

  4. Caitlin Alderfer /// 02.04.2016 /// 8:04am

    Wow what a beautiful use of typography in such a tactile way. I was torn between feeling so touched by the sentiments and just wanting to touch them so badly haha. Thank you for continuing to introduce me to new amazing work every day.

  5. Marie Troy /// 02.04.2016 /// 8:46am

    I also wanted to touch them. I think part of the reason I like art journaling so much is that when people view it they get to touch everything. I mean eventually some of the pages start to give a little, but I don’t much mind. The reactions and when people run their hand along the bottom when they turn the page is intriguing to me lol.

    I’m a little bit of a weirdo though, because when I used to sell my art in malls I would bring someone with me to help watch the table when I needed a drink or the bathroom or whatever. When I came back I would stroll behind some people, and look at some art and when we got to mind I’d be like “Well this persons a freak show huh?” and then see how they reacted. Little did they know they were telling me I was being rude about my own art and that they liked it haha. Confessions of an artist. 😉