i’m jealous of anila rubiku


I’m either very consistent in my taste, or I’m becoming a broken record. Here is another lovely pieceĀ  “containing the signs of everydayness”. This is how Albanian born, now based in Milan, artist Anila Rubiku has described her work. It’s similar to the piece by Lisa Solomon that I posted a few weeks ago. I love them both and am wondering why I ignored my mother when she tried to teach me to sew. Damn it.

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  1. Miss 70 /// 05.14.2009 /// 8:26am

    This work was done in 2004-2005 and is part of the Deutche bank Collection. When was Lisa Solomon works produced? Thank you. Miss70

  2. The Jealous Curator /// 05.14.2009 /// 11:01am

    I have two pieces of Lisa Solomon’s posted. The top one, Texas hold-em [red], was done in 2006, and the bottom piece, Beds in Poppyland, was produced in 2007. Here’s the link to Lisa’s site:

  3. Miss 70 /// 05.18.2009 /// 7:23am

    Dear Jealous Curator,
    Good to know. Thank you.
    Lisa’s work is after Anila Rubiku’s work.
    Have you seen AR’s latests work like the ASU Community project “Sunsex in Arizona” November 2008 or
    “The 16 Ways” a comunity project done in Tel Aviv in 2007?
    I love her work and I do have 2 works of her in my collection.
    Thank you very much for sharing. Best. M.70

  4. The Jealous Curator /// 05.18.2009 /// 12:54pm

    No, I haven’t seen those pieces and I can’t seem to find them anywhere online. If you have a link to them could you post it on here for me? I’d love to have a look. Thanks so much!

  5. Miss 70 /// 05.20.2009 /// 4:15am

    try to contact her on facebook (She has some imeas there).
    or via email: anila_rubiku@hotmail.com

    here you can read some about her project in Israel:
    and about her latest ASU Arizona project




  6. The Jealous Curator /// 05.20.2009 /// 6:59am

    Wow! That’s great. Thanks so much!