i’m jealous of “poodlebreath”


Here we are again, at the line between art and craft. This subject always hurts my head. What makes something art vs craft? Intent? Venue? Scale? Price? Marketing? Ouch, there’s that headache again. I met this artist, a.k.a etsy name “Poodlebreath“, at a craft show. When I saw her work I was so inspired & so jealous. As far as I’m concerned this beautiful ceramic wall hanging should be hanging on an art gallery wall for lots of money, instead of sitting on a craft table for NOT lots of money.

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  1. robin /// 08.03.2010 /// 10:24am

    omg! these are so freaking cool!

  2. The Jealous Curator /// 08.03.2010 /// 1:11pm

    i couldn’t agree more! i actually bought a tear-drop shaped bunny head pendant from her, and it’s easily my favourite, most unique piece of jewellery!