i’m jealous of kate bingaman-burt


Jealous is a bit of an understatement. I’m totally in awe of Kate Bingaman-Burt. She is a hugely talented designer, illustrator, crafter (if that’s even a word), Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Portland State University, and what I can totally relate to, a detailed list maker. Since I can’t possibly cover all of that in one or two paragraphs, I’ve chosen to write about this:

Obsessive Consumption, a project she began in 2002 in which she meticulously documents all of her purchases. She started out by photographing everything she bought, cataloged with the receipt. Then she moved on to drawing not only all of her purchases, but all of her credit card statements too. Obsessive? Yep. Awesome? You betcha! Now Kate has her own zine called What Did You Buy Today? that you can pick up for only $4/issue on Etsy. Get a pencil… you might want to do a quick sketch of your purchase.

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  1. Sarah /// 09.29.2009 /// 6:27am

    Kate is great! So is your blog!

  2. The Jealous Curator /// 09.29.2009 /// 6:51am

    Thanks Sarah!
    And I have to say, not only is Kate ridiculously creative, she’s very nice too! She sent me a really sweet email after I wrote about her. I love it when hugely talented people are cool too! Doesn’t always work that way ; )

  3. Kathleen /// 09.29.2009 /// 9:49am

    I love her! I saw her speak at the HOW! Design conference in June and she was amazing. I adore your blog – I just found it today via SFGirlByBay.

  4. The Jealous Curator /// 09.29.2009 /// 2:35pm

    Oooh – would have loved to have heard her speak… that must have been pretty inspiring! I’m not sure how she has enough time in the day to do all of the things she does?
    … and thanks so much for the nice words about my blog : )