i’m jealous of camilla engman’s studio


Share Some Candy has a section on artist’s work spaces, and I when I stumbled upon it the other day I couldn’t control the jealousy. My favourite studio belongs to a very talented illustrator/artist named Camilla Engman. She’s got a cute & creative loft in Göteborg, Sweden. Such a great space to spread out your supplies and just make beautiful stuff all day long. And the cherry on top of this studio? A little dog on a gold couch… I’ll take one of each please.

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  1. barbara /// 10.23.2009 /// 12:21pm

    What a great great studio…. I have to say I’m jealous too!!!
    Love your blog by the way, discovered it not long ago…

  2. The Jealous Curator /// 10.23.2009 /// 6:47pm

    I know – wouldn’t be nice to have that kind of room to spread out and make stuff?! I have one, very small room… oh well, at least I have a whole room ; )
    Thank you for the nice words about the blog… come on back anytime!

  3. james /// 11.29.2009 /// 2:18pm

    Great loft, great art, ugly shoes.

  4. The Jealous Curator /// 11.29.2009 /// 11:58pm

    Well, much like art, shoes can be quite subjective I guess… Not everyone loves Picasso, and clearly not everyone loves a clog sandal ; )