i’m jealous of julia rothman


Forget Christmas gifts, I’m going to wrap myself in these beautiful custom patterns by illustrator/artist Julia Rothman. When I came across her work I recognized her name right away but couldn’t figure out from where… had I already written about her? Nope… Ah-ha! Of course – she’s the author of one of my favourite blogs, Book By It’s Cover. Wow, jealous twice in one post. Busy day.

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  1. Esti /// 12.03.2009 /// 12:54am

    Those second and last patterns took my breath away! Her work is getting better and better.

  2. The Jealous Curator /// 12.03.2009 /// 9:49am

    The two I love most are the birds, and the jumbled up knots/worms/noodles… or whatever those things are!