i’m jealous of lynn whipple


Inspired? Yep. Jealous? Yep. A tiny bit scared? Yep!

Lynn Whipple is a fantastic, and very accomplished, American collage/assemblage artist. These pieces are from her lovely, yet kind of absurd, mixed media series called ‘Ninnies’. She has work in galleries all across the US, and is featured in more publications than I can list. I love her work, but what inspires me even more is a little section on her blog called 100 Bad Paintings. All of you artists out there – listen up! The idea is that when you’re starting out, or changing your style, or just working on new ideas, chances are you’ll do 100 bad paintings… so you might as well get started. ‘What really happens is, it frees you up to play and not worry. Now you can enjoy the process. The truth is you get better really quick, maybe even by #19. Try it!’ She has bravely posted a bunch of oil paintings (not her usual medium of choice) that she considers bad, but in progress.

That’s it, I’m starting on canvas #1 tomorrow.

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