i’m jealous of monsieur cabinet


This is awesome… literally. They are from a series titled 1000 Awesome Things by British artist/illustrator Monsieur Cabinet {aka Dave}. Of the 1000 awesome things, these are my favourite 5… especially the Scrabble tiles. I love getting a Q and a U at the same time! {FYI: I’m a tiny bit competitive when it comes to board games.}

comments (2)

  1. sophie /// 01.08.2010 /// 9:02pm

    I’m loving this wonderful blog of yours….and the title is just fab!
    These drawings are a delight too!

  2. The Jealous Curator /// 01.08.2010 /// 11:10pm

    thanks sophie! that made my day… and hopefully Monsieur Cabinet’s day too ; )

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