i’m jealous of aj fosik


I would love to own any of AJ Fosiks insanely beautiful wooden masks. But I wouldn’t hang them in my bedroom, for the obvious fear of nightmares involving Chinese dragons and Haida totems chasing me through a blindingly neon forest. Maybe in the living room? No, then I’d be constantly overwhelmed by my jealousy of his unbelievable craftsmanship, intricate design and stunning colour choices. Hmm, maybe it’s best that I just leave them at the Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York for now… until I can work through a few of my issues.

{I’m also a bit jealous of his gold shoes, not to mention the feature article that went along with them in TOKION Magazine, November 2009}

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  2. jackie /// 09.04.2012 /// 8:03am

    Would love to purchase how much

  3. Artist in LA LA Land /// 09.11.2012 /// 9:51am

    I agree with you they are intense and amazing. I think I could live with them though.

  4. Paul Norris /// 09.25.2015 /// 2:02am

    Dear jealous
    I just love these masks and they remind me of Nepalese religious art because of the way the colours are chosen for each mask.
    I am a poor volunteer but just to know what’s the price range for such beautiful pieces.
    As I may stop buying sweets and be able to get one, I suppose that would be what is called the healthier option.
    Anyway seriously how much are these gorgeous masks, please let me know.
    Yours Hopefully
    Paul Norris

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  6. José Luis Gómez López /// 05.14.2017 /// 1:27pm

    Maravillosas máscaras, felicidades, se pueden elaborar o solo las eras exhibiendo…?

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