i’m jealous of aris moore… again


Well, she may not feel different, but her new dress makes me feel great! This little painting, on a wood block, arrived in my mailbox yesterday morning direct from Aris Moore herself. She sent it as a ‘thank you’ {totally unnecessary, but why on earth would I turn down a piece from her} just because I thought the smart people over at Australia’s very cool frankie magazine* would love her work, so I sent them her link. Turns out that they do love her, no big surprise, and are featuring her in their upcoming February issue. Great art karma for everyone… including me who now has a lovely little addition to my art collection!

{* If you’ve never seen frankie, do yourself a favour and get a copy. It’s a bit tricky to track down if you’re not in Australia, but it is available at a bunch of cool magazine shops around the globe… totally worth the hunt because it’s beautifully designed, really well written, and filled with amazing art, music, design, craft etc etc.}

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  1. heather /// 01.20.2010 /// 8:30am

    me too!!! Hers is one of my “Must View Daily” blogs!

  2. Esti /// 01.20.2010 /// 1:06pm

    Yipee! Good for Aris! I love her characters, the sentiment in everything she does, but I believe I already said so before…

  3. The Jealous Curator /// 01.20.2010 /// 1:58pm

    I love her too (obviously!) and I had a feeling her work would be perfect for frankie. I cannot wait to see the feature they put together. It’s gonna be beautiful!

  4. belinda/gretchenmist /// 01.20.2010 /// 11:08pm

    oh this is great news ~ will be waiting eagerly for the next issue!
    i will profess my love again too!

  5. carmel/feedthedog /// 01.21.2010 /// 12:12am

    aris is a new find for me – (thanks belinda) – can’t remember the last time i felt like this – her artwork is extraordinary – and no better place to kick off in Aus than frankie.

  6. nathalie /// 01.21.2010 /// 7:13am

    This is so great! I am very happy for Aris. She’s such a wonderful artist!

  7. melanielee /// 01.21.2010 /// 3:50pm

    That’s wonderful, Frankie is great magazine, a wonderful showcase for creative folk.