i’m jealous of neil krug & joni harbeck


Sigh. I love this. So sexy, so fun and oh, so beautiful.

PULP ART BOOK is a collaboration between supermodel Joni Harbeck and photographer Neil Krug. Apparently it all began with one photo of Joni lighting a cigarette, wearing nothing but a feather headdress {that she made herself no less}, shot with some very old Polaroid film. Over 200 pages later this gorgeous book is full to the brim with 1960s and 70s inspired images. Even though they didn’t set out to create narratives, they obviously ended up there. I really wish that the very bizarre B-movie {that these shots could easily be stills from} actually existed… maybe that will be their next project? Hint hint Joni and Neil!

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  1. Dyani White Hawk /// 10.04.2012 /// 3:02pm

    Oh how unfortunate…I’m really NOT jealous of these “artists”. This pissed me off pretty thoroughly. sigh….2009 none the less.

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