i’m jealous of jonna pohjalainen


I don’t know about you, but I always get a huge rush when I go into an art supply shop… so imagine how I felt when I found these!

In 2006, Helsinki based artist Jonna Pohjalainen spent the summer at the Environmental Art workshop of the Open Air Art Museum in Pedvale, Latvia. She arrived there supply-less and with an open mind. Everyday she would sit quietly taking in the rural landscape, sharpening her pencils and watching the sun set. Really, what else could she do but turn these grey aspen logs into an enormous, beautiful, art-supply-rush-inducing sculpture, titled Colour Pencils.

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  1. Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** /// 02.08.2010 /// 9:23am

    Oh, I just did a post on this exhibit too!


    Such a perfect idea! 🙂

  2. The Jealous Curator /// 02.08.2010 /// 9:49am

    Aren’t they amazing? I wish I could watch the sun set behind a big bunch of coloured pencils from my backyard! ; )

  3. nathalie /// 02.08.2010 /// 8:37pm

    I love those! and I want at least one in my tiny apartment.

  4. The Jealous Curator /// 02.09.2010 /// 10:54am

    me too. i get dibs on the light blue one.

  5. Sarah /// 02.10.2010 /// 11:10am

    That is just brilliant!

  6. Arx Poetica /// 02.13.2010 /// 6:25am

    This is COOL. And yes, I’m jealous, too.

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    […] Ghetti {alphabet carved pencils}, Jonna Pohjalainen {log pencil crayon installation}, Diem Chau {carved crayons}, and Jennifer Stark {cut-paper […]

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