i’m jealous of WAFA’s collage books


Close your ears kids… We Are Fucking Awesome aka WAFA is a group of artists who are just that. Fucking Awesome. And so is this project. The control freak in me would have a very difficult time with this, but it would be an amazing and educational experience for just about any artist. Here’s what I’m jealous of:

‘A series of 9 collage books, passed back and forth between artists. As an experiment in disassociation, an effort was made to add to and tear away at eachother’s work, eliminating personal stake and attachment to the final outcome.’

See? Really hard, but fucking awesome none-the-less.

comments (5)

  1. david nystuen /// 02.10.2010 /// 5:09pm

    Awesome, I doubt it.

  2. The Jealous Curator /// 02.10.2010 /// 7:25pm

    Sorry David… what do you mean?

  3. Ben /// 02.11.2010 /// 6:42pm

    really good idea
    I might even try one with friends

  4. The Jealous Curator /// 02.11.2010 /// 7:24pm

    great idea ben! i was thinking the same thing. let me know if you do it.

  5. Vantiani /// 09.01.2010 /// 11:57pm

    I would definitely start one soon here. Yay!
    Thanks much for sharing!


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