i’m jealous of shaq {yes, that shaq}


I would love to have the clout of a curator from a well-respected gallery, with the power to acquire art work from all over the world. However, by ‘curator’ I didn’t think I’d be referring to the NBA’s Shaquille O’Neal… but I am. On February 19th, Size does Matter’, a show curated by Shaq himself, opened at The FLAG Art Foundation in New York. The show {that runs until May 27th} explores ‘the myriad [of] ways that scale affects the perception of contemporary art.’ So, not only am I totally jealous that he got to do this, but I’m also insanely jealous of the 66 artists he selected {Jeff Koons, Cindy Sherman, and Chuck Close just to name a few*}. He even requested that a few new pieces be created especially for the show! Now that’s a lot of clout… 320lbs and 7’1″ of clout to be exact. Hm, I guess size really does matter.

*The work above is not from the exhibit. I couldn’t find examples of what these 3 artists contributed, so I’ve just shown pieces from them that I’m jealous of.

{I originally read about this on Arrested Motion.}

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