i’m jealous of joe ryckebosch


This is going to be a quick post… I’m just rushing out the door to the thrift shop to search for a bit of found imagery, and then to the art store to pick up a bunch of multi-coloured masking tape. Um, don’t tell Joe Ryckebosch. He’ll think I’m going to copy him… which, of course, I’m not.

{Thank you to ‘my love for you is a stampede of horses‘ for introducing me to Joe’s work.}

comments (3)

  1. Ian Gamache /// 03.26.2010 /// 10:39am

    Another great post.
    Particularly like the caribou.

  2. The Jealous Curator /// 03.26.2010 /// 10:50am

    Thanks : )
    Yep, it’s a tie between the caribou and the owls for me… and the ram… and the tree. Ok, I love them all.

  3. melanielee /// 03.28.2010 /// 8:32pm

    Wow i love the vibrancy of these works’ wonderful!

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