i’m jealous of aris moore & august


This looks exactly like the work of Aris Moore, except for the loose, uncontrolled lines around the head of each elegant figure. That’s because these drawings are a collaboration between Aris and a very passionate artist named August… who just happens to be Aris’ four year old. Brilliant! And what I love even more than the final work, is the quiet message to all mothers everywhere: ‘You try to have everything just so, but there is a wildness to life that cannot be tamed. Pretend we may, but it is there.’ So there you have it, not only is Aris Moore an amazing artist, she’s also a fabulous mother who clearly has a budding artist on her handseither that or a somewhat questionable hair stylist?!

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  1. Aris /// 04.04.2010 /// 4:52pm

    Thank you! August is thrilled!!!! and yes an artist for sure and a very questionable hair stylist. As I read and showed her this piece she had 8 different barrettes in her hair, all different colors. You called it!

  2. The Jealous Curator /// 04.04.2010 /// 8:06pm

    Ha! That’s great!! I’m so happy that it made her happy! I can’t wait to see more of her work… but I’m not coming to her for my next cut/colour ; )

  3. hanna-happenings /// 04.08.2010 /// 3:22am

    so nice!

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