i’m jealous of amanda blake


Ah, yet another super-talented artist from Portland Oregon. Seriously, what do they put in the water over there? Well, whatever it is, Amanda Blake has obviously had her fair share. These lovely paintings on birch panel are so simple, so sweet, and so beautifully executed. I want all of them… and a shot of that Portland water too, please.

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  1. Kate /// 04.06.2010 /// 8:35am

    haha. i hear you! half the artists i come across are from portland! i’ve also noticed quite a few from australia, which is really cool. btw i also love amanda blake. : )

  2. The Jealous Curator /// 04.06.2010 /// 10:15am

    hey kate… yep, it always seems to be portland, australia… and brooklyn of course ; )

  3. Daughter Earth /// 04.06.2010 /// 9:14am

    Wow these are great! I love your taste in work! This is one of my favorite blogs 🙂

  4. ria /// 04.06.2010 /// 10:07am

    oh boy-you got me-I’m jealous as well!
    + I lovelovelove your blog, actually, I’m jealous of ya! 🙂

  5. The Jealous Curator /// 04.06.2010 /// 10:46am

    thanks ria : )

  6. Sara /// 04.06.2010 /// 10:14am

    I love the posture she has given her people. It is really telling of their attitude!

  7. Aris /// 04.06.2010 /// 3:21pm

    beautiful work.

  8. Esti /// 04.12.2010 /// 6:47am

    Oh, funny, i thought that only from Spain Portland looked like the promised land 🙂

  9. Cathy /// 04.14.2010 /// 11:33am

    Come on over! The glass of water is on me : )

    Amanda Blake’s art is great. Another contemporary folk-like artist is Elizabeth Bauman (also an Oregonian).

  10. The Jealous Curator /// 04.14.2010 /// 11:40am

    Great minds think alike… I have her work sitting in my drafts folder! You guys make some good art over there, and yes, I will take you up on that free glass of water… who knows what I’ll be able to create after I drink it!

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