i’m jealous of elizabeth bauman


I really, really, really want the first painting in this post. I’d frame her lovingly in a beautiful, ornate, vintage gold frame…. ahh. Anyway, choosing a few favourites from the portfolio of American painter Elizabeth Bauman was quite a task. And then I found her sketchbook on Flickr and it got even harder to decide what to show… so I’ve shown a bit of both. The muted colour choices are lovely, and the facial expressions make you wonder what her subjects are thinking. I’m pretty sure the woman in the first painting is thinking that she’d really, really, really like to be hanging up on my living room wall in a beautiful, ornate, vintage gold frame.

{Thanks to Cathy at Habit of Art, another gem from Portland Oregon, for reminding me about Elizabeth’s work.}

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  1. Daria /// 04.18.2010 /// 3:06am

    wow! the first two paintings are amazing!! I’m jealous too 🙂