i’m jealous of michael dumontier & neil farber

In the second year of my undergrad, our painting teacher gave us an assignment. ‘You have one week to make a humorous painting’ he said nonchalantly. Huh? Until that moment I hadn’t painted much more than a few nudes and the odd still-life, and I had no idea how to make either of those things funny {although now I could think of a few ways, but I digress}. So being a totally literal 19 year old I did my best which was awful. Now, had the dynamic art team of Michael Dumontier & Neil Farber been in my class I’m quite sure that they would have aced this assignment. A knitting monkey? A ‘batshit crazy’ girl reading a psychology book? I’m telling you, that’s A+ material right there!

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  1. Daughter Earth /// 05.19.2010 /// 7:57am

    Ahh! Love the Knitting chimpanzee! I need a print of that!

  2. The Art Cupboard /// 05.19.2010 /// 9:35pm

    this is great! i love the humor! i also love how you can tell by this work that artist is not just messing with you, but has a really excellent artistic eye, excellent blend!