i’m jealous of marlo pascual

New York based artist Marlo Pascual might start with found imagery, but that’s not where she stops. Nope, after that she enlarges, crops and alters the images until they’re just right. Just right for what? Well, for adding pins, rocks, plants and candles to, of course. But even then, she’s still not done. She plays with the placement of the work within the gallery space creating new relationships, and allowing the images to tell stories that they have never told before… and then she calls it a day.

{More of her work can be seen at Casey Kaplan Gallery in New York.}

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  1. Home Is Where the Art… Should be « Kim Derby /// 11.10.2012 /// 5:04pm

    […] Marlo Pascual (top image and images above) is another talent who works with existing items. But she takes the typical and adds the odd or random – a rock, pushpin, plant or candle. She rolls on the side of strange and probably isn’t for everyone, but you must admit she’s clever, witty and resourceful. Her work just does something to me. (via The Jealous Curator). […]

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