i’m jealous of ben owen

Step One: Find a mate {preferably with glasses similar to your own}

Step Two: Have a baby

Step Three: Worship said baby

Step Four: Try not to be really mad when that baby grows up, becomes an artist, and decides to use very old photos of you in his super cool sketchbook which he then puts on display for the whole world to see. Psst, Ben… your mom called, and she didn’t sound happy!

{Ben Owen,  is a recent graduate from the University of Kentucky. I should point out that the majority of his work [hand dyed silks and found paper collage] is much more abstract than the work I’ve shown here… but what can I say, I have a weak spot for sketchbooks filled with families from decades past!}

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  1. vadjutka /// 06.24.2010 /// 7:02am


    Can I suggest an artist for you? I dont know if you are familiar with the works of a Belgian artist, named Ben Heine – I just met his amazing works.
    I like his “Pencil vs Camera” series, but his photos are very good as well.

    Have a great day,

  2. The Jealous Curator /// 06.24.2010 /// 8:50am

    thanks judit, i just came across his work about a week ago… can’t remember where? but yes, very clever!

  3. James /// 06.26.2010 /// 7:55am

    Okay…I really do not get this work. What is it all about other than old family photos (someone else) to parody?, comment?, be a odd collage?, a high school art project?….I guess I am having a hard time understanding the intent or purpose.
    Can anyone explain what this is about? Thanks.

  4. The Jealous Curator /// 06.26.2010 /// 9:11am

    Well, I suppose only Ben can answer that. As I mentioned in the post, these images are from his sketchbook, so I’m guessing he was just playing around with a few ideas in his head… what those are, well, only he knows. I just happen to have a thing for family photos from the 70s… therefore, they made it onto the site. His actual work is abstract and ‘deals with ideas about compositional completion and purpose.’

  5. James /// 06.26.2010 /// 4:33pm

    Well I was speaking only as the work as work , not a call on its usefullness or value as art….I did miss the part about the sketchbook…as that indicates where in the creative cycle these are from…
    Musings and visual musings…important in the process of discovery, is it not. Art is a wonderful thing…it happens only when one is in pursuit of it…sketchbooks are finding the keys under the mat …only which place is the key for each of us…we will find it through commitment and continued working at it…Gotta love the art.