i’m jealous of typarchive

I officially declare this, Font Friday! Love, love, love all of the lettering {dimensional, hand-painted, neon, automobiles, etc} that a type-fanatic, like myself, can find on TypArchive. Here’s their reason for being:

‘The objective is to amass a comprehensive global collection of a high-quality images and produce hard-copy volumes. Amidst a landscape of vapid strip malls and sterile signage, hand-painted lettering retains a soulful aesthetic to be treasured. Like other crafts dissolving in the digital age, sign painting is a fading occupation. Today it’s easy for any layman with minimal computer knowledge to produce a sign within minutes, but the skill acquired to artfully produce hand lettering took years of apprenticeships, dedication and true talent’

Damn, I wish I thought of that.

{Thanks to Junkculture for this huge dose of typography on a Friday morning! Oh, and my first ‘weekend guest‘ will be showing up here tomorrow morning… come on by!}

comments (2)

  1. LisaT /// 07.10.2010 /// 5:41am

    Thank you for posting this information, I’ve always looked to hand lettered signage/storefront graphics for inspiration. I will be visiting this sight frequently, I’m sure!

  2. The Jealous Curator /// 07.10.2010 /// 6:45am

    Yeah, me too! It’s a good one!

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