i’m jealous of stacey durand

So, who wants to visit New Hampshire’s seacoast this weekend? Me too! I love these beautiful little neighbourhoods by American artist Stacey Durand. The tightly packed, brightly painted houses, and the skies… oh the skies. I think that they might be my favourite part! Ok, I’m packing the car – I’ll meet you there.

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  1. Color Collective /// 07.12.2010 /// 8:13am

    Oh I love these, so pretty!!

  2. The Art Cupboard /// 07.12.2010 /// 9:05am

    lets go! oh my these are amazing! I love the off perspectives, and creaming colors, beautifully done.
    I’m jealous

  3. ria /// 07.12.2010 /// 9:18am

    omg-they’re awesome, fresh and ‘wide’-for some reason-…. wait for meeeeeee!

  4. Karan Shah /// 07.12.2010 /// 9:42am

    Amazing! This is so great.

  5. The Jealous Curator /// 07.12.2010 /// 1:06pm

    you can almost smell the salt air can’t you? …and now i really want a creamy-yellow clapboard house.

  6. nathalie /// 07.13.2010 /// 3:35am

    oh my! i’m jealous too!

  7. Kate /// 07.13.2010 /// 3:03pm

    yes! i love stacey’s work. the second painting down, the abbot shoppe, was my very first art purchase! great to see her here. i lived in the boston area for 7 years and stacey’s paintings remind me of all the funny double decker houses i lived in.

  8. The Jealous Curator /// 07.14.2010 /// 6:15am

    wow! lucky girl ; )
    my very first art purchase was similar actually… and it reminds me of my Toronto days:

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