i’m jealous of gregory euclide

American artist Gregory Euclide took the term ‘mixed media’, and seriously ran with it! Here is a quick list of the mediums and objects used to create these insanely amazing, and incredibly beautiful, examples of mixed media… that I really wish I had thought of:

Acrylic paint, eurocast, grass, juniper, lichen, paint can, pine needles, moss, sedum, sponge, cedar, found foam… {pause to inhale, aaannnd continue}… leaves, pencil, photo transfer, polyurethane foam, cigarettes, milkweed, paper, plastic, styrofoam, stone, and wood.


{Gregory’s work can be seen in person at the David B. Smith Gallery in Denver… but no touching please!}

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  1. katy /// 07.22.2010 /// 7:04am

    oooh i love these!

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  3. mela.art /// 02.26.2017 /// 9:10am

    Yes! He elevates the “mixed media” term to a new whole level! Such an inspiration!