i’m jealous of kotryna zukauskaite

I have a huge collection of boxes in the closet under my stairs. You know, the leftovers from birthdays, Christmas, and, of course, lots & lots of shoes. Anywho, I throw them in there without a second thought… until today. Today was the day that I saw these striking illustrations by Kotryna Zukauskaite titled ‘Diary of a Box 1 ~ 4’… Quick! Someone send me a DIY craft project that requires several old cardboard boxes, so that I have a chance to undo all of the loneliness and pain that I’ve caused over the years! {In my defense, had the boxes in my closet been these shades of aqua and deep red, they probably wouldn’t have stayed in there… I’m just sayin’}

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  1. The Art Cupboard /// 08.10.2010 /// 7:14am

    how, what incredible illustrations, i would not every thing to do a serious on boxes, but this is truly amazing!

  2. Kotryna /// 08.12.2010 /// 6:21am

    hi there, thank you for posting my work here!

    if you’re intrested, they are available to buy as prints at http://www.inprnt.com/gallery/kata-illustration/pull_myself_together/ or at http://www.society6.com/studio/kataillustrationcom/store 🙂

    thanks again, i really liked a message that you put next to images 🙂 made me smile.

    can i make a screen-shot and post it into my blog? let me know on email please!