i’m jealous of phillip estlund

Unfortunately I don’t know very much about Greek born artist Phillip Estlund… other than the fact that a lot of his subjects are houses {often blue houses} that have seen better days. I really want to know how they ended up like this? Tornados, hurricanes… tangerines? Phillip, if you see this, please let us know. Until then, I’ll be keeping an eye out for any citrus fruits that might be rolling at an unsafe pace toward my little blue house!

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  1. The Jealous Curator /// 09.02.2010 /// 6:52am

    hi everyone… i just got an email from Phillip! Here’s what he had to say about the work above:
    I live in South Florida and the sculptures are a response to post natural-disastrous conditions.. I began making these pieces following a series of hurricanes that hit my region. The hurricanes paralleled more personal events in my life and now I’m working on pieces inspired by the recent oil spill in the gulf and the fear, insanity and apocalyptic visions that I prescribed to – internalizing/mirroring nature is what is going on here. A co-occurring aspect in the work is the housing market bubble and burst as alluded to in titles such as Blowout, Subprime/Subtropics, Conjoined (A total loss) .
    Thanks so much Phillip!

  2. sbobet /// 11.16.2011 /// 4:40am

    I live in South Florida and the sculptures are a response to post natural-disastrous conditions.

  3. the jealous curator /// 11.16.2011 /// 7:51am

    ah, the oranges.thank you : )

  4. George Fishman /// 06.01.2012 /// 8:11am

    If you would like to hear Phillip Estlund speaking about his sculptures and other elements of his exhibition at the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, there are four brief audio recordings here. http://bitly.com/GZIrog

    I agree with your “Wish I had thought of that” sentiment. Great subtitle for your site!

  5. the jealous curator /// 06.01.2012 /// 8:29am

    thanks for the link george! (and the kind words!)

  6. George Fishman /// 06.01.2012 /// 9:31am

    He speaks very clearly and eloquently about his work – not all artists do!