i’m jealous of working class magazine

I’m not sure how many Brooklynites I’ve written about {I’m gonna guess 53}, but if you want the real skinny on the art community there, then I suggest you pick up a copy of Working Class Magazine. Why? Well, I’ll let them tell you in their own words:

“Working Class represents a community of local artists in New York… writers, photographers, poets, illustrators, models, small business owners, actors, musicians. We all work and live in this big city, and know the struggles of things like bad tippers, overpriced rents, and disagreeable weather. Working Class taps the pulse of the underground art world, and discusses why we all stick around.”

Sigh. So cool. Ok, it’s official, I’m jealous... and thinking about moving to New York, despite the overpriced rent.

{Working Class is a quarterly zine available in print or online, so pick up a copy, or grab your laptop, and get yourself down to a hip little coffee shop… oh, and don’t forget to tip!}

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  1. marcel /// 09.30.2010 /// 9:15am

    WC Loves… The Jealous Curator

  2. the jealous curator /// 09.30.2010 /// 10:54am

    the feeling is mutual ; )

  3. Diana /// 09.30.2010 /// 11:28am

    Ah, to live in New York! Maybe someday!

    I remember thinking the rent is not so bad compared to Vancouver (I think you’re in Vancouver too, but can’t remember where I read that?).

    My boyfriend’s sister in Brooklyn rents out the lower level of their (very cool) brownstone for the same price that we pay here, and the size is about the same!

  4. the jealous curator /// 09.30.2010 /// 2:26pm

    what?! what are you waiting for?! ; )