i’m still jealous of tina berning

If a drawing a day keeps the doctor away, then I’m pretty sure that Berlin based artist Tina Berning will never even get the sniffles! This is the third time I’ve written about her… and I didn’t even mean to! I was pulling some work together for another post and thought I’d quickly pop by her online “drawing a day” diary… and ended up being there for over an hour. Her work is amazing and always leaves me feeling inspired… with just a small case of “crushed-soul syndrome”. Hm, maybe I should give my doctor a quick call.

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  1. seesaw /// 10.15.2010 /// 9:00am

    love her.

  2. the jealous curator /// 10.15.2010 /// 9:18am

    sigh… me too.

  3. sara /// 10.17.2010 /// 6:24am


  4. Kim /// 08.17.2011 /// 3:00pm

    definitely crush-worthy!!