i’m jealous of these… students?!

Sweet jiminy… my student work did not look like this! But then again, I didn’t attend Beckmans College of Design in Sweden. Maybe if I had, I would be sitting in my cozy/crazy knit chair {Anni Arnefjord}, a stylish donkey head mounted on my wall {Hanna Billqvist}, while I read by the light of either my very sweet tent table lamp {Fredrik Andersson}, or my insanely cool pendant slide lamp {Joel Sandelius}. Alas, Beckmans was not my alma mater, so the only Swedish design that I own is from a little shop down the street. It’s called IKEA… have you heard of it?

{Thanks to Design for Mankind for featuring Anni Arnefjord’s chair… which led me straight to Beckmans’ site, and all of this other amazing work! Thanks Erin!}

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