i’m jealous of kelly o’connor

Fabric, acrylic, found paper, and string ~ these are a few of my favourite things! Ok sorry, but it was either that, or a joke about there being no place like home. I went with the Sound of Music reference. American artist Kelly O’Connor on the other hand, managed to get every snippet of my childhood, movie-based, memories into a few sweet, yet somewhat disturbing, mixed media pieces. Thankfully those scary flying monkeys didn’t make the cut… I’m still getting over the terror that they caused!

comments (5)

  1. Kate /// 10.27.2010 /// 12:02pm

    whoah! super cool! thanks for the introduction. : )

  2. the jealous curator /// 10.27.2010 /// 12:52pm

    yep, pretty cool indeed! glad you liked her work : )

  3. gootdings /// 10.28.2010 /// 7:20am

    These are amazing, so beautiful and dark.

  4. Marie /// 10.28.2010 /// 5:43pm

    I’ve just recently become addicted to your site, just love it!
    I came across a Canadian artist who I think you might like.


  5. the jealous curator /// 10.28.2010 /// 9:11pm

    thank you so much marie!
    …and thanks for the link… i’m on my way to check it out : )

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