i’m jealous of peggy wolf

I wish I’d found German illustrator Peggy Wolf just a tiny bit sooner… her beautiful collage work would have been perfect for my post about magazine bits. Now, I’ve never written a post about squirrels, but if I had, her work would have been perfect for that too.

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  1. Madeleine /// 11.03.2010 /// 6:23am

    I’ve just discovered your great blog. I love the squirrel lady. I have a bit of a thing about squirrels since they started building their winter home in my window box 3 years ago. It’s getting colder so I’m hoping they’ll soon be back to refurbish and snuggle in. Funnily enough I have done a squirrel post some months ago under Cold Weather, with photos of the real little guys.

  2. the jealous curator /// 11.03.2010 /// 12:51pm

    thanks madeleine… i hope your squirrels return safely. i have a family of barn swallows that show up every spring. very cool (but kinda messy!) ; )

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