i’m jealous of the one night stand…

Ok, let me clarify that. I’m jealous of the one night stand at the Ole Miss Motel… hm, that didn’t sound much better. Ok, I’ll try one more time. I’m jealous of an art show, that just happened in Oxford Mississippi, titled The One Night Stand at the Ole Miss Motel:

There. My reputation has been saved, and now you know about a very cool little art show that has taken place in a few motel rooms, for a few hours, every fall for the past four years. I’m totally jealous of this idea… so truly brilliant if you’re a curator without a gallery. Hey, who needs a commitment like that when you can just have a one night stand, right!?

{I love the posters for this event! These are from the past three years… I couldn’t find this year’s version. Maybe it’s still back at the motel?}

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