i’m jealous of samantha cotterill

These handmade pages by American artist Samantha Cotterill {aka mummysam} make me want to dust off the old sewing machine and roll out the bobbin thread… except that I haven’t even thought about sewing since I was forced to make a pair of Bermuda shorts in ninth grade Home Ec. Hm, maybe I’ll just covet these instead. Yes… much better plan.

{Now that I have you in a sewing kind of mood, come on over to sfgirlbybay and see the newest addition to ‘the house that jealousy built‘…}

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  1. Veronique Marot /// 08.25.2012 /// 11:04pm


  2. grrl+dog /// 08.28.2012 /// 1:14am

    I was forced to make a hideous blue skirt so voluminous it would have clothed an entire African village.

    Thirty years later i discovered I actually knew how to french seam and notch properly thanks to Home Ec…

    Anyway, I love Mummysam’s contemporary stuff more than the figurative..

  3. daisyblue /// 09.11.2015 /// 7:30am

    I love your work … so original . I think I’ll get the machine out and have a go.
    Thank you for the inspiration!

  4. sherrri /// 11.14.2015 /// 7:38am

    years after home ec had wiped any kind of sewing love out of me– while having some down time i volunteered for an art program that redistributed donated art supplies….the women that worked there were textile artists—they taught me to love a needle and thread again. a friend gave me a machine and from then on it was nothing but sewing and more of ,could you just fix this for me–it won’t take long.

    my mission is to pass on the cool of it….
    this artists helps

  5. Renee /// 03.07.2016 /// 7:09am

    Beautiful pieces. Hom ec was a bummer for most folks. Sewing is for me an amazing and fun endeavor. I sew every day and teach others the enjoyment that can be had from it. It’s only painful because of the failure factor. No one wants to fail at anything, but seems like Home ec is a failure factory which turns people away from sewing. Sad.

  6. Maga Salazar /// 11.18.2017 /// 4:20pm

    Absolutely lovely !! Your work its beauty and very creative 😉 Congrats from México