i’m jealous of stacey page

Ok, so eleven days ago I wrote about an artist named Shaun Kardinal, an American artist who adds embroidery to found images… later that day I  found this ridiculously fantastic work by Stacey Page, an American artist who, as you can plainly see, also adds embroidery to found images {same technique, but very different results}. Now, not wanting to become totally predictable in what makes me jealous, I tried to space them out as much as I could.  For eleven long days these beautifully bizarre faces have been staring at me from my drafts folder, and I can no longer control myself! Call me predictable if you must, but the heart wants what the heart wants… and clearly my heart wants some embroidery thread applied to a vintage photograph.

{Oh, and did I mention that two weeks before the Shaun Kardinal post, I wrote about London based artist Maurizio Anzeri. Guess what kind of work he does…}

comments (2)

  1. Lili /// 11.17.2010 /// 4:18pm

    Oh, aren’t these fabulous? I really want some embroidered art stuffing my stocking this Christmas.

  2. the jealous curator /// 11.17.2010 /// 7:55pm

    me too! me too!

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